Hellyers Road

‘Into the Unknown’.

Film Director: Michael Dole
Executive Producer: Annika Johansson Production company: Daughter
Client: Hellyers Road

Hellyers Road was founded in 1997 by a group of dairy farmer families from Burnie in Tasmania, whose bold belief that the wild and remote North-West Tasmania was the perfect environment to create globally award winning whisky. Hellyers Road began unconventionally – and this restless spirit still lives on today.

The whisky distillery takes its name from the spirit of its location and origins. A physical ‘Hellyers Road’ once ran right through the middle of where the distillery now sits. A road surveyed in 1820 by one of the first Europeans to boldly explore and survey the rugged, remote North-West Tasmania – surveyor, cartographer and explorer, Henry Hellyer.

The film brings to life the story of Hellyers Road’s pioneering founders through the parallel journey of a man inspired by a modern day ‘Henry Hellyer’. The film follows the journey of his internal and external restlessness and discoveries, amidst the captivatingly raw and remote environment of North-West Tasmania. It captures the brand’s restless spirit, fearless pursuit, resilience and burning drive to discover, forever curious. Its relentless drive to take the road less traveled – into the unknown.

Hellyers Road is a unique story about the courage to journey into the unknown and beyond, of an independent North-West Tasmanian success story.