'Hi, this is flume' Music film

Michael Dole co-directed this piece
with director & artist
Jonathan Zawada.
43 minutes, 17 track, stand alone whilst connected narrative.

Production Company: Collider
Executive Producer: Olivia Hankten
Managing Director: Rachael Ford-Davies
Client: Future Classic

Hi This Is Flume as a film piece is a comment of an artist unburdening himself against his self-imposed boundaries and surrendering himself to the abstract.

Released with only 24hrs notice and busting a two-year music drought, Hi This Is Flume is 43 minutes, 17 track, independent whilst connected narrative of mind-warping beats and creative collaborations that sounds like one of Australia's most celebrated producers carving out his post-Skin career path in real-time.

In Hi This Is Flume, Harley undertakes a journey through inner and outer worlds to perform and then free himself from the process of creation. He is aided by his inner-self, a clone, and his outer shell, a heavily customised 1985 Nissan 300ZX. The film is part metaphorical narrative and part art documentation.

‘High Beams’ Flume, HWLS, slowthai
‘Jewel’ Flume
‘Dreamtime’ Flume
‘Is it cold in the water?’ Flume & Eprom remix (Sophie, Eprom)
‘How to build a relationship’ Flume, JPEGMAFIA


‘Wormhole’ Flume

‘Voices’ Sophie, Kucka

‘MUD’ Flume

‘Upgrade’ Flume

‘71m3’ Flume

‘Vitality’ Flume

‘Daze 22.00’ Flume

‘Amber’ Flume

Complete ‘Hi, this is Flume’ Album 43minute